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The award for the most under valued website page goes to...

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

The “About Us” page not only introduces you and your brand to the world but it’s the best page to help you build rapport with your visitors. If someone has made it to the About Us page of your website then they are on a fact finding mission. They don’t just want to know if you have the product or service they are after. They know they can get it or one just like it from Ebay. What they really want to know is are you someone they want to be dealing with? Do you offer something of greater value than just a good product at a good price?

Saving the world one hammock at a time

Here’s a great example of a site that does exactly what I am talking about. Their website is nice, it’s fairly simple, it’s laid out clearly, but it’s their content that really kicks ass. View the Yellow Leaf Hammocks website.

Just read that mission statement:

“Spreading blissful relaxation worldwide and empowering families + communities to rise above poverty by creating sustainable, flexible, safe, high-wage artisan jobs”

Wow!!! Just from selling hammocks!

The point here isn’t about hammocks or saving the world, it’s that you need to show your passion for your products and services.

Maybe your ideals aren’t quite as lofty as saving the world or indeed the locals of Northern Thailand, but you do have some goals and people want to know what they are so my advice is: just tell them.

  1. Do you want to be number 1 in your town, your state, your country?
  2. Do you support your local community through employment, buying locally, community sponsorships etc?
  3. Do you believe that your products help protect the environment or empower individuals in some way?
  4. Are your products just plain cool?
  5. Will the world be a better place with your products and services? Of course they will - and that’s what the reader wants to know.

A picture is worth an infinite number of words

Notice also on Yellow Leaf’s “Our Story” page the photos of the owner and the Thai people. These images help greatly in establishing the authenticity of the company.

You should have photos on your About Us page of you, your staff, your premises and anything else that helps provide context and meaning for your products and/or services. Show the reader that you are real, that you live in the real world and that you are making a difference to the people around you, your family, your friends, your work staff etc… or even that you intend to make a difference you just need a hand getting started.

If you can do this well I guarantee you that your website readership will improve and that you will have a far easier time converting sales.

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