Our process to help you succeed

Your web, marketing and sales enablement team, focused on your growth.

    Our role is to fulfil our client’s digital marketing & sales goals. We use a number of technologies & procedures to do this, but here's a summary of our proven process.

    Once we have gathered all of the key information and data needed to give us a complete and in-depth understanding of your business, we will develop a game plan that will be used as a basis for the Discover, Execute and Analyse stages, as outlined below.

    Key to the success of our process is we have open and clear communication at all stages, along with accountability based on mutually agreed upon goals, metrics and other measures of success determined in the Listen & Discover stages.

    Overall, our process is an ongoing one that will evolve based on your business needs, results and data.

    To complement our proven process that we have refined since the establishment of Itag Media in 2006, we have partnered with HubSpot and use the Inbound Methodology to further enhance results for our clients.

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