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How good do you look? (& why you should even care)

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Are you proud of what you sell as a business? I would expect you would say 'yes!' with no hesitation... yet many businesses fail to communicate the quality of their goods/services in their corporate image.

Fact. People buy on emotion and on the care factor.

Emotion is something that is triggered by an experience. One of the easiast ways to connect emotionally with your audience is to have a great corporate image.
Steve Job's said that marketing is not about touting features and speeds and megabytes or comparing yourself to the other guys, it's about identifying your own story, your own core, and being very, very clear about what you are all about... and then being able to communicate that clearly, simply, and consistently. Steve understood that you need to connect on an emotional level and tell a great story.

One of the best things that a professional looking logo can do is clearly talk to your audience. It can capture people's attention and emotions.
So the question is, are you flying blind hoping people will catch some of the passion and vision you have or are you going to start telling a great story by by packaging your business professionally?

A well designed corporate image also implies a certain standard and expectation as to what you provide. Take a look at the junk stores or cheap stores around town. Their branding, signage and corporate image usually looks cheap - or immediately brings to mind, 'cheap' 'inferior quality' etc.

On the flip side, now think about a higher-end store, maybe Target or MYER. The name, professional image, along with characteristics such as reasonable prices, quality brands - all communicates to their niche audience clearly and directly.

Good design, no matter who you're targeting or what quality or price you deal at, will help you grow a trusted image and create an emotional connection with your customers - transforming your business from the inside out.

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