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COVID-19 Small Business Government Grants available for $10,000

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Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

It's great to see that restrictions are improving in Australia and that all Aussie's are doing so much to help each other out and improve our economy.

We all have been affected on different levels, but I am sure we can all still agree we live in a fantastic and blessed country.

Small Business COVID-19 Grant Program

The Small Business COVID-19 Grant is a great example of how good our country is, and is an excellent opportunity for businesses that have been highly impacted to access $10,000 to help their business succeed.

Follow the links below to see if you're eligible and start your application:

Based on information from the Business Queensland website, this Grant is for businesses that have been subject to the closure restrictions^ or have been highly impacted by the shutdown rules.

In particular non-essential business categories outlined below would be highly suitable for this grant.

  1. Registered and licensed clubs, licensed premises in hotels (excluding bottle shops and off license attached to these venues);
  2. Gyms, fitness centres and indoor sporting centres;
  3. Cinemas, gambling venues including casinos, nightclubs, theatres and entertainment venues of any kind;
  4. Restaurants, cafes, fast-food outlets, food courts (together retail food services) except for provision of food or drink by way of provision of takeaway or hotel room service;
  5. Theme parks;
  6. A place where persons congregate for the purpose of worship or fellowship, including weddings and baptisms;
  7. Funerals except where the gathering does not exceed one person per 4 square metres and social distancing, including keeping 1.5 metres between people, can be accommodated.

Eligibility criteria for QLD

  • have been subject to closure or otherwise highly impacted by current shutdown restrictions^
  • Show the big impact financially it has had on your business revenue since 23 march 2020, over a minimum of 1-month period
  • You must employ staff & have fewer than 20 employees at the time of applying for the grant. This means even if you do employ more normally, you can still apply. 
  • Have a valid ABN active as at 23 March 2020
  • Be registered for GST
  • Have your business HQ in Queensland
  • Have an annual turnover over $75,000 for the last financial year
  • Have a payroll of less than $1.3 million

What you can use this money for with us*:

  • Building the business through marketing and communications activities.
    For example, we can help you with content development (web pages, visual posts for social media based on a strategy, blog creation, website improvement work)
  • Digital/technological strategy development
    Blog content strategy, paid advertising campaign strategy, client nurturing strategies, client activation programs
  • Specialised digital equipment or business-specific software to move business operations online (e.g. logistics program for online ordering)
    If you are now having to work remotely or go online talk to us about online software options, eg: Online store, CRM systems.

You can learn more about this grant online (Queensland, NSW & Victoria Grants) but if you have been highly impacted by current shutdown restrictions, then you definitely should consider applying. 

We can provide a free strategy and investment suitable for your business to submit with your application. Overall we will work with you to put together an effective digital marketing strategy for this grant. Now is the time to focus on growth strategies and plan for success. 

Think you might be suitable for this Government Grant?

Book in a 20min assessment call to see how we can help today and get your Grant started ASAP. 

Book your free assessment call


Here's to your success in life and business,


*Disclaimer: Suggested services are purely suggestions and no guarantee of you getting approved. Each business will be assessed based on the Government guidelines.

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