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Is it time for a makeover? Start the New Year with a new logo & brand identity

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As the calendar nears its end and 2024 approaches, businesses around the world reflect on their growth, direction, and overall presence in the market. One fundamental aspect of this reflection often revolves around your brand identity, specifically your logo. 

If you're wondering whether it's time to revamp your logo or entirely redefine your brand identity, you're in the right place. Here are some things to consider.

Why is a new logo important?

Your logo is more than just an image; it's the visual representation of your company's values, mission, and overall vibe. Over time, your business evolves, and so should your logo. Here are some reasons why updating your logo can be a game-changer:

  • Relevance:  Design trends change and what was "in" or looked fresh years ago might not resonate with today's audience. If your logo seems dated, it could stand in the way of someone taking your business seriously. A refreshed and timeless logo is an easy fix.
  • Growth & evolution:  A company's journey often leads to changes in direction, offerings, or target audience. A new logo can reflect this growth and new focus.
  • Stay competitive: In a bustling market, standing out is crucial. A refreshed logo can differentiate you from competitors and attract more customers.
  • Revitalise your image:  Just like a makeover gives one a fresh start and renewed confidence, a new logo can invigorate your brand and team.
  • DIY to pro:  Many businesses start out doing whatever they can themselves and this often includes a DIY or cheap logo. If your business has grown, it’s a good idea for your logo to grow too.  
  • Design versatility:  No doubt your logo was created for one purpose, possibly before a lot of places your logo now exists were even thought of (we’re talking to you, logo that appears so small in the Facebook profile picture you can’t see what it is…). Logos nowadays need to look great in social media, digital ads and your website, but also on your stationery, print design, signage and other items in the physical world. Developing an updated brand means you can take stock of where it will need to appear, to ensure your new logo will fit everywhere you need.

What about brand identity (and what is it)?

While a logo is a significant component of your brand, your company’s brand identity encompasses much more. It's the entire and complete picture that your customers see, feel and think of your brand.

This image can be broken down into individual puzzle pieces, some of which include fonts, colour palettes, graphics, and tone of voice. It's the visual and emotional representation of your business, influencing how customers feel about you.

This is best encapsulated in a brand guide document. All staff, suppliers, designers and people working with your brand should have access to the brand guide.

How can a new logo or brand identity make a difference?

The best way to show you how logos can impact your impression of a business is to give you some examples. You are used to seeing your logo the same way other business owners were used to seeing theirs. See how different the logo alone can look after a brand refresh:



What to do once you have your new logo?

A new logo is just the beginning. To truly cement your new brand identity and create a cohesive presence, follow these steps:

  1. Plan a rollout date - start with this so you know when you need to have everything sorted by
  2. Update your brand everywhere
  3. Create consistent branding across the web
  4. Ensure you have a uniform social media presence
  5. Train your employees in the new brand

Plan a rollout date 

Having a rollout date so you can announce the changeover to customers is a great way to ensure people understand that your brand image is changing and they should be aware of it. This is especially important if your business name is also changing. 

Creating a blog post and a social media campaign regarding your branding helps spread the word, as well as sending an email to your customers showing the before and after name and logo - it’s a great way to show them what’s changing, and reassure them about what isn’t.

Update your brand everywhere

Update all stationery, print and advertising materials, and have this ready to go for when you roll out your new brand. Plan signage updates and any store fit-out in advance.

Ensuring a single changeover time (eg, a week or two to update and roll out everything) is an effective way to ensure people aren’t confused when seeing your old and new branding mixed together.

Create consistent branding across the web 

Whether it's your website, email newsletters, or digital ads, ensure that your new logo and brand elements are consistently displayed. It not only looks professional but also reinforces brand recall (how likely someone is to remember your brand, products, and services).

Have a uniform social media presence

  • Profile pictures & cover photos: Once your logo is updated, ensure that all your social media platforms reflect this change. Consistency here helps in instant brand recognition.
  • Consistent Imagery: The visuals you share on social media should align with your brand's colours, style, and ethos. Whether it's an Instagram post or a TikTok video, maintain a uniform look.
  • Bios/Descriptions: These should not only be consistent across platforms but should also reflect your brand's tone and values. It's a small space, so make every word count!

Employee training 

Make sure your team is well-acquainted with the new brand guidelines. They should be ambassadors of this fresh identity, whether they're in sales, customer support, or any other department.

This includes showing them information such as colours, fonts, assets (like your actual logo files), and how to use them (eg, don’t put the dark logo on a dark background - you can’t read it). Ensure they’re familiar with any language changes, such as how you capitalise your new business name or how you shorten the business name when answering the phone.

Could this be the year of a new brand identity?

As the new year beckons, consider giving your business the makeover it deserves. A refreshed logo and consistent brand identity can not only reposition your brand in the market but also instil a renewed sense of purpose and direction for the future. After all, in the world of business, perception often shapes reality. Start the new year strong, with a brand that truly represents who you are and where you're headed.

Ready to start fresh and not sure where to go? Contact us today to speak with our talented creative team about getting a new logo, brand guidelines or updating your website. 


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