SEO practices have evolved & so should your strategy.

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    Websites that attract traffic via organic search

    Your website is like any other marketing strategy, it must deliver results.

    Search engine rankings

    Organic search outperforms paid search ads by up to 5+ times. Paid search still has its place in your digital marketing strategy (especially in the early days), but by ignoring organic search, you’re ignoring hot leads that could be yours.

    “Over 51% of smartphone users
    have discovered a new company or product
    while conducting a search on their smartphone."

    Google, 2018

    What is an organic search?

    Organic searches are the non-paid search results that appear below-paid adverts, and Google My Business listings. Your rankings are determined by the search engine’s algorithms, which with the correct SEO (search engine optimisation) practices, can allow you to get top rankings.

    SEO practices have evolved & so should your strategy

    Search engines, Google in particular, have changed how they rank a website and SEO best practice is making a big shift to a topic cluster model.

    Topic cluster, the new approach to SEO

    The topic cluster model is where a single “pillar” page acts as a central overarching authority page on a set topic and subtopics link back to this page. Link building and standard SEO practice should still form part of your overall SEO strategy but the key focus should be on better site structure and quality content that people enjoy and want to link to.

    The old approach to SEO is broken

    The old approach focused solely on ranking for keywords, which resulted in repetitive and poorly written content (not great for end users or your brand), is now broken. This approach used to work but as Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter, so has its results. It now serves up results based on end-user expectations, putting their needs first rather than poor content that used to rank only due to old-school keyword tactics.

    The end result of our approach

    Smart companies are now adopting this new approach that helps structure a website in a much better way and signals to Google that the site is an authority on a said topic. The end result of ranking for a set topic is all your subtopics will perform better as well, and you will rank for more keywords.

    Getting good search engine rankings for keywords and phrases relevant to your business is still the best way to drive targeted traffic to your site, just how you do it has changed.

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