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Why social media is not working for businesses

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

It seems that social media isn’t quite working for businesses like everyone thought it would.

Results of a recent study from the online business community, Manta, shows that while businesses are spending heaps of time on social media networks, they are surprisingly not seeing much of a return on investment.

6 key strategies to get a fat ROI out of Social Media

  1. We’ve been told businesses need to be on all social networks, but many of us are feeding the same content to every single one. The truth is, you are better off using one or two networks strategically and consistently, rather than having the same content on all of them.
  2. To get sales you'll need to spend time online, listening to what people are saying. Rather than taking a shot gun approach and hoping to get a response from everyone, start listening to people online who are complaining about their current providers as these are people worth pursuing.
  3. Use social media to extend your personality online. Go ahead - share what is happening in your business and make it personal.
  4. Social Media is great to help build a community around your business. Use it to also answer questions, give customer support and build loyalty.
  5. All in all, Social Media is a powerful tool; but don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is a direct marketing tool; and please… don’t think you have to be on every network.
  6. Remember, be great at the networks you are going to use and do it well, and make sure you are authentic by showing your personality.

Smile, and have some fun! Here's to your success online.

David Ligtenberg
Founder / Senior Marketing Consultant

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