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The rise of AI-generated content: A game changer or cause for concern for your business?

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AI-generated content has become more and more common in recent months and years, finding extensive use in both small businesses and large corporate settings. From helping businesses maintain a strong social media presence and write blog articles to aiding global organizations in enhancing their content marketing strategy, AI-generated content has become a mainstay in modern content creation strategies. 

However, as is the case with most technological innovations, it's not all rosy. Critics question the quality of AI-generated content, alleging that its widespread use could potentially compromise the authenticity of online content.

So, is AI-generated content a true game-changer or is it a cause for concern? To delve deeper into this matter, let's start by defining what exactly it is.

What is AI-generated content?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated content is the result of leveraging sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to emulate human-like content writing. Basically, it’s social media posts, emails, blog posts, and newsletters, all created by AI.

AI's capabilities have expanded tremendously over the years, enabling it to generate a variety of content, from simple automated responses to complex stories and articles. It can even write books!

It also extends to summarising, translating, and personalising existing content, adding a layer of versatility to AI's content-creation abilities.

Benefits of AI-generated content for your business

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Businesses stand to gain substantially from using AI-generated content, particularly in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Time and resource efficiency: AI content generation is an automated process, requiring minimal human intervention (in the beginning). This speed and autonomy can help businesses to churn out content promptly, saving both time and resources.
  • Audience-specific content: AI's ability to analyse and interpret data means it can create content tailored to specific audiences. This can enhance engagement levels.
  • Personalisation and engagement: AI-generated content can be personalised based on user behaviour, preferences, and interactions. This increased level of personalisation can lead to higher engagement with customers, further boosting business performance.

Drawbacks of AI-generated content for business

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Despite the numerous benefits, businesses should also be aware of potential drawbacks associated with using AI-generated content.

  • Lack of creativity and nuance: AI, while capable of producing factually correct content, may struggle to replicate the creativity and nuanced understanding that human writers bring to their work. 
  • Incorrect facts: AI should always be fact-checked as it can quote inaccurate facts. You need to know your facts are correct. 
  • Challenges in capturing brand voice: Businesses often have a unique voice and tone they want to convey through their content. AI-generated content, though accurate, may lack this distinctive human touch, potentially failing to truly represent the brand. Working on clear prompts can help with this.
  • Difficulties in customisation: Though AI can be programmed for specific tasks, customising AI-generated content to match a brand's unique needs might require substantial time and effort to ensure it's accurate and relevant.
  • Lack of personal stories: People often learn from others' personal experiences and find them relatable. This is missing from AI content and something you’d want to add in on your own.
  • Potential of plagiarised content: AI has learned from past content creators and so there is the potential of having plagiarised content in your social posts or blog articles. This is something to check before publishing.
  • This is a period of uncertainty: AI content is still very new and we don’t yet know the implications. Be cautious and prudent with the content you create.

What to consider when using AI-generated content for your business

Before integrating AI-generated content into your marketing or content strategy, you should consider the following:

  • Accuracy testing: AI-generated content should be tested for factual and grammatical accuracy. Be sure the information it has delivered is correct and professionally presented.
  • Data privacy: You should consider the privacy of customer data, especially when using AI for personalised content. You must adhere to data protection regulations and assure customers their data is safe and used responsibly.
  • Cost vs. benefit analysis: The cost of implementing and maintaining AI-powered content generation should be weighed against potential benefits such as time savings, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer engagement.
  • Human edited: Your AI content should be read and edited by a person to ensure brand voice, accuracy and to add in additional stories or information. 

What does Google think about AI?

At the moment, Google is neutral about AI-generated content. It has penalised websites with large amounts of this type of content but also ranked others highly in search engines. Much of this depends on quality and it might also depend on your type of business.

Your goal, whether you use AI to help create your content or not, is to create high-quality, helpful content that your customers and clients would appreciate. Keep the people you want to serve and sell to in mind and provide them with what they need to know.

AI-generated content is undoubtedly a technological advancement and something we can make use of. However, it's essential to weigh its pros and cons before integration. By being aware of its limitations and strengths, your business can leverage AI-generated content to optimise your content strategy while maintaining the quality and authenticity of your online presence.

Need help with this? Our digital marketing specialists can help you with content strategy and content production as well as optimising your content so that it is found in search engines. Get in touch to ask how we can help you. 

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