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How to select the right web design company for online success

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

There is much to consider when getting a new website or redesign, so selecting the right web designer is essential to your online business success.

We definitely think we are a leading web design agency that can meet all your online marketing needs, but so would every other agency you might be approaching.

The question then is, how do you decide on the right company?

Why give this free, unbiased information out?

  1. While other companies ask for money up front, we believe in offering value first, before you sign up with us.
  2. We have nothing to hide and want you to be comfortable with your decision.
  3. We are not for every business, but we offer a results-driven service and want to work with companies that want long term value.

Find a company you connect with

The first step in this process is deciding if the agency is a good fit with your business goals and objectives. What value and benefits do they offer? What do their customers say about their results? Are they qualified experts? Will they make my business look good?

What we offer & how we're different

  1. With our unique and proven marketing approach, we know how to make websites generate leads.
  2. We are certified marketing professionals - while having a great looking website is important, in the end you need a great looking website that achieves maximum results.
  3. We give 24/7 ongoing support & 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.
  4. Client buzz - Read what our clients say about us

Itag Media, like any company, has a lot of competitors. We understand that it can be overwhelming for potential customers to thoroughly evaluate and decide on the service that is going to solve their online marketing or web needs.

Different web design companies do different things well, and we are not afraid to admit that we are not always the best solution for everyone.

Our particular strength is our ability to asses your business needs and deliver a web strategy that gives you sales and leads and/or achieves the outcomes you need.

More important criteria to help you compare Itag Media to other web design companies:

  • We are a passionate, highly-efficient and marketing-focused team with a 5+ year track record. It's amazing what passionate and creative teams can accomplish these days.
  • Unlike the big companies, we don't offer consumer focused services. Our business is providing services for professional businesses along with the personalized attention and support that they demand.
  • We don't believe businesses want a website but rather they wan't leads and increased revenue.
  • We were founded in Bundaberg with bases in Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, servicing Australia Wide.

What kind of company do you want to work with? Will they have your back when it counts?

If you would like to explore working with us get in touch or call us on 1300 79 55 41.

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