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Things you should know if you're searching 'web design Brisbane'

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It's likely that you came across this article because you searched for Web Design Brisbane and are after a local Brisbane company that can help you translate your online business goals into reality. While searching for this phrase should pull up some great local companies, it's important  to do some background checks and ask the right questions as well. This short article will give you some honest ideas to help you avoid the pitfalls of our industry, that unfortunately, many business experience.

You're looking for 'web design Brisbane'?

Some people are set on using a local web design company, but if you're open to working virtually, you can tap into some other great talent Australia-wide. The more important thing you should be asking is, can they give me the service and results I need for my business.
Many companies claim that they are the best in the field, but to find out the truth for yourself, ask if you could talk to some of their clients. Sure they might only give you some of their best clients, but it should still give you an indication of their work. A word of advice - avoid any company that is not willing to let you contact prior clients.

You should also be checking out their online portfolio to see if you like their work, and that their client's websites work seamlessly, look great, and are designed to generate leads or sales.

Conversation is key

If you want your website to be amazing, the company you work with should be asking you heaps of questions to learn all they can about your business so that they can build a website that truly reflects your unique position in the market place and taps into your online business potential.

Get a web design company in Brisbane that guarantees results

You have to choose a web development company that guarantees you excellent results. What's the point of spending big dollars if they can't guarantee it's going to deliver? We cannot stress this enough. A professional web development company will help you create a business website with all the features needed to impress your target audience. If the web design company is confident they can achieve this, they should not hesitate to back it up with some sort of guarantee.

Essentials for a successful web design project:

  1. You need the latest technologies to get the right outcome for your business (if you are not sure, ask the web design company and then do a quick search on Google to see if what they say matches up with the general consensus)
  2. Your site should look great on mobile, tablets and desktop devices. Check that your site will be responsive - this is an essential nowadays.
  3. Analytics to track your site's performance
  4. Email marketing platform
  5. A blog to post regular fresh content
  6. An SEO strategy to make your site rank high in the search engines.

We hope you got value out of this article. Please get in touch with any questions or to speak to us about your web design project.

Here's to your online success.

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