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Want more business? Get it using what you've already got

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

Business could be busier?

I see it all the time, we have clients that pay for certain online tools that if used regularly, could increase sales and website traffic like nothing else but for one reason or another, they aren't used. I am sure many of you will agree, most of us tend to start a new marketing strategy with good intentions of committing to the plan, but fail to follow through.

So, what to do to get more business using what you've already got?

  1. Review what tools you have already paid for and work out how to use them better.
    Here's a couple of ideas: Your accounting system, are there smarter ways to use it? eg: automate your overdue invoice followups. Have a chat to your website / marketing agency {us hopefully ;)} - they'll have heaps of ideas or tools you may not be using as good as you could be. Some of these might be your website, email marketing and social media.
  2. What's going to increase business vs. what just takes up time.
    Ernest Hemingway said, "never confuse movement with action". Look at the things that will actually transform your business rather than just keep you busy. What could really generates great leads/sales for you? Focus on your top three and spend less time on the other things that just take up your time but aren't going to really deliver the results you need.

Here's to your success!,

David Ligtenberg
Founder / Senior Marketing Consultant

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