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Successful marketing – it’s more than a catchy tagline

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

No matter what stage of business you are in, those that market better dominant their market.
How do you do this? A catchy tagline alone does not guarantee success in marketing.
Integrated marketing does.

The great thing about integrated marketing is that it works for businesses of all sizes.
Integrated marketing means communicating a consistent identity always, in all ways, and
everywhere you market yourself.

Business author Steve Mckee says with integrated marketing, "it requires not only the
identification of a powerful, unifying strategy and compelling voice for your brand,
but the discipline to roll it into every aspect of your organisation—from advertising
to sales, customer service to customer relationship management programs (and beyond)".
Commit to an integrated marketing approach, have the patience to roll it out,
continually, and I guarantee you’ll reap the rewards.


Steve McKee

Steve McKee is president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland and author of When Growth Stalls:
How It Happens, Why You're Stuck, and What to Do About It. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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