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Smash those goals (but only if it makes you happy)

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

Wow, another year is quickly coming to an end… did you smash all your business and personal goals? But more importantly, are you happy?

As much as it's important to have goals (and smash them), and this does play a part in making us happy, if you have achieved all of your goals but you're not happy then I challenge you to take a look at what it would take to make you truly happy, then design your 2015 goals/plans around this.

While you are reflecting on things, here’s a list of highly recommended reads to help:

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R. Covey
  • Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  • Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins
  • Compound Effect - Darren Hardy
  • The Millionaire Messenger - Brendon Burchard

Personal tips that make me happy (and help to keep the engine burning).

For me, no matter how hard life gets I have found that the following help this little busy bee to stay happy and content.

  1. Be thankful for what you have and where you live. Statistically, you are amongst 8% of the world's richest if you have cash in your wallet, a little in the bank and a roof over your head.
  2. Spend time daily with the people that matter most to you (even if it is your dog, but hopefully you are lucky enough to have a wonderful partner who's also your friend).
  3. Exercise regularly. Four times minimum per week works best for me. I honestly find that I am happy and more rounded as a person when I am making progress in the gym. As an added bonus, I am super happy when I get to go for at least one surf over the weekend.
  4. Movies, movies and more movies! Well, at least two over the weekend, this helps me get away from everything and just unwind.

Here’s to your success, to a great holiday period, and to living life to it’s fullest in 2015!

Kind regards,
David Ligtenberg
Founder / Senior Marketing Consultant

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