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Quality web design = better results online for Sunshine Coast businesses

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

We all know that in the busy Sunshine Coast business scene, if you want your business to succeed it's critical that you stand out from your competitors.   

Online, it's no different. There's average sites that don't get found in Google, and do very little in the way of generating leads and business, then there's websites that are found on page 1 of Google and do what they're supposed to - generate business and build your database 24/7. Let's face it, at the end of the day most business owners don’t really care about having a website or not, what they do want is a sales machine that helps them increase their bottom line.

What Sunshine Coast businesses need to know about web design

When it comes to web design and online strategy it is essential that you, as the business owner, understand a few things if you want an amazing website that works as a powerful marketing tool. 

It would be great if you could just have a 30 minute meeting with a web company and then one month later get an amazing website, but the truth is, this isn't realistic and will likely result in damage to your brand. Now while a good web design agency will make the process as easy as possible, you are really the only person that understands your business identity and for great results you will need to work closely with the company your hire.

A couple of tips to help you choose your Sunshine Coast web design agency

  1. Don’t base your decision on price. Sure, you can get a 5 page, $500 website but if you are serious about getting results online for your business you will in most cases need to spend $2,000 plus to get a targeted website with the correct strategy behind it to make your business stand out online. Considering you could spend this amount easily in a year on newspaper and yellow pages ads, it's not really such a big investment. 
  2. Can you trust them? With so many providers out there it is hard to know which one should you go with, and who has time to call up 5 or 10 businesses to meet up with them? So what's the solution? Firstly, you should feel comfortable with them - do you connect with them? Do they have a great portfolio and client list?
  3. Do they have time? If you are like many business owners, you want people you work with to truly understand your business. If they don’t question you and learn about your business the end website is going to be just stock-standard like all of your competitor's sites.

Take home points:

  • To succeed online you need a website that's backed by a targeted marketing strategy to generate leads & sales.
  • You get what you pay for - you'll need to invest a little to get a decent ROI online. There's no point having a site if it doesn't get found on Google.
  • Choose a Sunshine Coast web design agency a) that you feel comfortable with. b) that has a great portfolio and client list. c) that takes the time to understand your business so you don't end up with a production-line website.
  • A website designed to your unique business needs will give you great results online, helping you generate new business leads, build your database and essentially grow your business in a big way.
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