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Promise Nutrition - Project Case Study

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Business type:

B2C – Retail


  • Need to launch a new brand that sells natural protein products online and generate a community vibe around the identity.
  • Need to communicate efficiently with potential and current customers.
  • Need to promote the Promise Love campaign which forms part of their USP.


  • DESIGN: Stationery designs and high-end packaging designs for their products that make Promise Nutrition stand out amongst 'average looking' competitors.
  • WEBSITE: A website and online store that effectively tells Promise Nutrition's story, with a focus on clearly differentiating them in the market place through their Promise Love campaign. The online store allows customers to vote for the charity of their choice with each purchase. Customer data is captured through their online store and ShoutMail, our email marketing system, so Promise Nutrition can then continue to nurture and connect with their audience.


The outcome is a great partnership between Promise Nutrition and Itag Media and online growth in-line with Promise Nutrition's vision and goals.

Choosing who builds your website and ultimately your brand is no easy decision. We needed a company that we could completely trust and one that we knew would produce high quality work! Looking back, we are extremely thankful that we chose Itag Media. The website and packaging design exceeded expectations and communication throughout the whole project was exemplary. We highly recommend Itag Media.Alistair & Sarah Hill
Business Owners / Founders

Here's to Promise Nutrition; helping Australian’s living healthy by providing completely natural supplement products. With Promise Nutrition's passion and their unique Promise Love campaign, this is a brand that is sure to make a great impact.

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Promise Nutrition Case Study Images
Promise Nutrition Case Study Images
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