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Make your website sticky to get more business

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At a recent client meeting I was going over how we can make their website have more traction by using retargeting advertising. As they got a hold of how it works, they started to get very excited, so I thought this was something worth sharing with all of our network.

What is retargeting advertising?

Retargeting is an innovative display advertising solution that targets prospects who have visited a particular page on your website. Once they have left your site your advert displays for them on other sites they visit. This keeps your brand fresh in their mind and essentially encourages them to come back to your site to do business.

About 2% of first time site visitors actually convert then and there on the spot. With retargeting technology you now have a way to make your brand stick longer in the minds of the other 98% and help drive them back to your site. No matter what the size of your business, this approach to online marketing is powerful and effective. With retargeting you don't have to spend a fortune and the cool thing about digital advertising is all activity is tracked so you can see how it is performing.

Seen our friendly orange mascot lately?

If you have been to our website lately, and then happened to see the below advert later on other sites, then you have seen retargeting working first hand. As you can see it is subtle but powerful and it certainly makes your online presence much stickier by keeping your brand fresh in the minds of your site visitors.

Targeted adverts to increase sales conversions

The great thing about retargeting is you can have very targeted adverts for specific pages of your site. For example if you have an online furniture store and they have visited your bedroom furniture site page, you can show adverts to that person specifically about bedroom furniture. The great thing about this is, people who are not quite ready to purchase at the time they visit your site will continue to see your advert for bedroom furniture long after they've visited your site, keeping your brand fresh in their minds and increasing your sales conversions.

If you, like our client, are getting excited about the prospect of making your website an even stickier marketing tool, get in touch with us today to discuss how retargeting advertising can work for you.

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