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London 2012 & the lessons it teaches business owners

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Here's a couple of quick reminders for business owners that can be taken from London’s Olympic Games …

1. Be True
The 2012 Olympics became a showcase for a myriad of emotions. Thanks to the BBC’s coverage, defeat, glory, and every emotion in between was broadcasted worldwide without censorship - re-affirming themselves as a provider of honest, uncensored viewing.

Lesson for business owners? People appreciate and value honesty and transparency.

2. Engage your staff
London 2012 came up with 70,000 games volunteers, this is what happens when people know their efforts - however small or seemingly insignificant, are important as part of a whole team effort, and valued.

Lesson for business owners? Engaging with, and appreciating your staff can be a powerful catalyst for business growth.

3. Make a lasting impression
Royal Mail’s marketing strategy - creating special stamps and painting postboxes gold to commemorate each gold medal won by the GB team; is sure to leave a lasting impression. They're not only keeping the Olympic euphoria alive, they're also keeping their brand fresh in people's minds.
If you didn’t know about the Gold Post boxes, go to their website to see all the current locations - This strategy definitely earns Royal Mail a gold in marketing.

Lesson for business owners? Make sure your marketing stands out and if possible leverage from events in your local town that people will connect to and remember.

Source: The Brand Republic

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