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Keep your content original or lose your position in Google search results

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To battle against copyright infringement, Google recently released a notice of a new penalty to be implemented to deal with those sites which receive several Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices. Sites found to have high numbers of removal requests will be ranked low in Google search results.

Google values the necessity to provide greater experience for users, As a result, they developed a number of signals to make sure their search algorithms will supply the best results. That is, for users to find genuine sources that provide original, quality content.

“So while this new signal will influence the ranking of some search results, we won’t be removing any pages from search results unless we receive a valid copyright removal notice from the right owner.” said Google.

This means that if you believe your copyright has been infringed, you can make a request to have the duplicated content removed from Google. However, the request is not considered proof of copyright infringement, but seen as an accusation that may be challenged by the alleged pirate. Google makes thorough evaluation of each request, and if your claim is proven valid, the duplicate content and the entire site it's from, is removed from the search results.

Source: Search Engine Land

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