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It’s not too late to make your website Google mobile friendly

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

If you think you have missed the boat for mobilising your site, don’t worry, there’s still time - but you do need to act now. Google gave everyone fair warning that they were making changes back in April and it will have impacted on how your website ranks on mobile devices.

Not sure if you need to worry about having Google mobile friendly website ? Here’s a few reasons why it’s important.

1. Phone is the new PC. If you’re not on it, well...

In fact, over 50 percent of Australians use their phones to look for services.

So phones aren’t just being used for entertainment purposes while killing time in the grocery store line, they’re being used to look up all kinds of services like yours, more and more every day.

You should want to get in on that action. Phones are only going to get better and easier to use when it comes to searching online. In fact, some people’s only way of getting online is through their mobile device.

This is a huge market that you need to tap into if you aren’t doing so already.

2. Google will reward you if your website is mobile friendly - FREE!

Google has a service to provide its customers, and that is making their search engine the most efficient to use. They want people to be able to find exactly what they are looking for the first time. They don’t want people to continually be redirected to pages that aren’t useful to the viewer. This will only hurt their business, and doesn’t do you any good either.

It’s imperative that your site is Google friendly in every way possible, and that includes mobilising it. And Google will reward you for making your site mobile friendly by ranking you above sites that aren’t (and that can only be good for business).

3. It can be done today

When you’re ready to make your website mobile friendly, you’ll find that there are loads of great services out there to help you out. There are a ton of free tools to check your website for mobilisation issues. If you haven’t done it yet because you don’t have the time – then we would suggest getting in touch with a professional digital agency to help you get it sorted. Don’t sit on the fence any longer when it comes to being Google friendly. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and reach more customers. And after all, isn’t that the goal when it comes to building your online presence?

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