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Instagram Update | Social Media Marketing

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If you’ve ever tried managing multiple Instagram accounts, you know what a pain in the ass it is to log out of one profile and into another. Well, sing hallelujah all of you long suffering Instagrammers! they have finally released one of their most requested features; support for multiple accounts.

It's now easy to manage multiple Instagram accounts.

The photo-feed app announced this week that users would begin seeing the feature rolled out over the next few days in their latest update for the app. If you’re overseeing multiple accounts, then the new release is BIG news, especially since many people had given up trying to manage multiple accounts with Instagram and had already turned to third party apps instead.

How do you turn on the update?

To turn this new feature on, ensure that your app is running the latest update. Access the new feature from inside your account settings. When you’ve added your second account, you can switch between accounts by tapping the username at the top of your profile. Users are reminded what account they’re using throughout the app with your profile picture and username appearing more often.

Not a business Instagrammer? Here's how to start.

If your unsure how to set up an Instagram here is a quick few steps:

  • Simply sign up for an account (e.g., use the same name as your Twitter handle)
  • Add a profile photo (e.g., company logo) and a link to your website.
  • Connect your account to Facebook and let your followers know they can follow you there.

Tips for business Instagramming.

Most businesses won't struggle to do the above steps but it's what you do next that matters, so to help you out we recommend checking out these 26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business from the Social Media Examiner, and also be sure to check out Instagram's getting started page for businesses.

Pick our brains.

If you want to chat to one of our digital marketing experts about how to leverage social media to grow your business, give us a bell on 1300 79 55 41 or flick us an email.

Happy Instagramming!

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