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How to get an ROI from your website

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Nowadays, if you have a business, you need a website in order to grow your customer base and increase your bottom line. In fact, businesses are dedicating more and more time and money to their online marketing than ever before. So how do you get a decent ROI from your website? Here are a few must-do's:

Use tracking tools on your website

You don’t just want to know that people are visiting our website. You want to know who they are, where they hang out on social media, how long they stay on your website and what pages they visit, and if they are solid leads. There are lots of tracking tools available to help you capture all of this information. You've then got the info you need to make decisions about how to improve your website visits and conversions.

Sign 'em up then keep in touch (automatically)

When you are marketing your business online, you’ll want to focus on getting the contact details of leads; the best way to do this is get them to supply their details by completing some sort of ‘sign up’ form on your website. To make it worthwhile, offer something of value if they do part with their details.

This means you'll then have their details to market to - eg. via email marketing. Use email marketing to send out newsletters, or send out a series of automated followup emails once they sign up on your site. It keeps your business fresh in their minds and starts building a relationship.

Keep customers in mind

Ultimately, what you're after is a well designed, informative website, that's user-friendly (to keep users happy) and mobile-friendly (to keep Google happy). It will then be a great platform for communicating with your customers in a direct, meaningful way. Supply them with useful information and tips. Let them know about special offers or new services.

Good content is also valued by Google. The more relevant and fresh your content is, the better Google will rank you in search results.

It's gotta be mobile

Because of the number of users searching websites on mobile devices, Google has now made mobile-friendly websites a must if you want to rank in mobile Google search results.

In wrapping up

There's plenty more to consider, but this is a good, solid starting point, whether you're looking at getting a brand-new site, or re-evaluating the effectiveness of your current site.

If you've got any questions about what else you should be looking at getting in a website to make your investment worthwhile, feel free to get in touch. We'd love to have a chat.

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