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How business websites can boost your business

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As business owners or entrepreneurs, we each have a vision for our business, and we are either achieving it or are in the process of making it happen. Either way, there is always something we can improve to ensure our business thrives. Here’s one way…

Highly focused business websites can transform businesses through innovative and proven marketing principals, combined with cutting edge technology. Here’s how…

Business websites vs. standard informational websites

1. The first thing to highlight about business websites is that their focus and structure is very different from that of a standard website. The key difference is that during the development of a business website, the functionality and design decisions are driven by two things: the target audience’s needs and the business outcome goals.
What this means is that instead of getting a website up as quick as possible, time is spent researching the desires and needs of your most important site visitors and then this is translated into your website strategy to make sure your website best serves the visitor to maximise site conversions.

2. Here’s something else you won’t get with a basic website. A decent business website will also have the right technology in place to track how your site performs. This will let you know what users are doing on your site, what pages they are visiting, click through rates etc. so you can make informed decisions to get your site working to it’s maximum.

3. Once you have identified your site audience and outcome goals, it's time to think about how to use technology to achieve these outcomes, keeping in mind processes and lead generation should be automated to save time.

Online technologies to transform your business website

Here’s some cutting edge web technology that we recommend and believe will transform your business when you integrate some or all internet technologies in your business website strategy.

1. Website management systems: Site Synergy, Wordpress
2. Email & SMS marketing: Shout Mail
3. Website stats, tracking and conversions optimisation: Google Analytics
4. Client relationship management systems (CRM's): Solve 360, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Capsule, Highrise
5. Online Accounting Software: Saasu, Xero
6. Other: Google Apps for Business, Workflow Max, Basecamp

It might seem that getting a business website is a complicated and time consuming process, but the payoff’s are definitely worth it. Spending the time and money to make sure yourbusiness website is integrated with the latest technology and is focused on your end user will truly transform your bottom line and give you in return, a more than solid ROI.

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