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Does better engagement mean better results for your digital marketing campaigns?

Posted  |  Written by David Ligtenberg

We are often told we need to engage our customers to make sure they don't forget about us, so they know we care and we're here to bring value to them as consumers.

In this digital age of websites, email marketing, social media, mobile devices etc, engaging  our customers regularly has become something all business can do at a relatively low cost with digital marketing, compared to the more expensive traditional methods we once relied solely on, but is this a good thing?

Some might say frequent engagement is not always the answer because of the over saturation we experience from the bombardment of advertising we all get on a daily basis.

So have marketers and businesses got it all wrong?

I don't think so. The reality is we live in a society that craves value and connectivity with both technology and people that care.  The problem though, is many businesses don't put enough thought into how to engage their audience, the way that they want to be communicated with.

A way to solve this is to take into account what your clients value, especially your most valued ones . There's no magic formula, as you need to do what works for your business, but what you can do is always ask yourself of each marketing communication,  "does this message or strategy bring value, or is it just another advert?

So it's not always about how frequently we are engaging our audience, but more about are we connecting with or clients in a unique, caring and personal way. If we can achieve this, we will truly engage with our customers and essentially cut through the daily advertising clutter.

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