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Back to the online basics - Blogs & Email Marketing (because they work)

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These days there are heaps of different tools and strategies to help drive traffic to your website and increase sales, and while these are great, they can often distract us from the basics that often give you the greatest return. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you two basic strategies that will help you get more business and drive more traffic to your website.

1. Drive traffic and build relationships with email marketing:

a. Work out your touch points to automate your communications.

You need to work out the touch points of your business and then you can potentially automate emails to be sent to your clients at set stages. eg: At their first enquiry (send company overview), after you supply costing (send out educational information on your point of difference / perhaps what buyers should to be looking for in a supplier), after they sign up as a client (send out thank you and voucher), 6 / 12 months after sale send a follow up to touch base etc.

b. Send out a regular newsletter.

You don't necessarily have to send out one every month (but that does depend on the nature of your business). The key is to do it consistently eg: perhaps by-monthly, quarterly or even 6 monthly would be better than no communication at all.

A couple of examples on how to use it: showcase your latest work or happy customer stories.

It will keep your brand fresh in your client's minds, and if you have good stories, people will tend to read these or share them with friends.

This is also something you can share on Facebook and your website.

2. Write blogs about what your customers want to know (Google will love you for it)

Think of it more as what people would be searching for when they're looking for your services. Eg: How to choose a builder, What to expect when building a home, What should I budget for in a home build etc.

Keep in mind you may not get heaps of people reading your blog, but this strategy is more about getting relevant content on your website that can be picked up by Google (Google favours sites with relevant, fresh content) and when someone searches for an answer to a question that you have written about. Bam! your site will likely be the site they find.

Also, if you have some great blogs you can turn these into newsletters (saving even more time... watch out you will be Content King soon) or if you want to save even MORE time, you can automate this process with a feature called RSS to email (this takes your latest blogs and automatically puts them into a nice newsletter and then sends it out to your database).

​As always, we're here to help, so if you need any assistance with getting more out of your online marketing, please get in touch. Here's to your online success!​
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